About Certification

The PSAI’s certification program for Portable Sanitation Professionals began in 1992 in an effort to set the standard for skills and knowledge in our industry.

Forms and Information

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Since the program‘s inception, more than 1,200 individuals have successfully passed the certification exam. To assist candidates for certification in preparing for the exam, the PSAI also offers a Basic Service Technician training course designed to teach the basic competencies required for success in the role of a portable sanitation professional. The PSAI Basic Service Technician training text has evolved over the years to include best practices, reference material, as well as a glossary of over 125 industry terms. Sections on industry standards and equipment include portable restrooms (pre-inspection, cleaning, delivery, placement, pickup), hand-wash stations, freshwater flush units, recirculating flush units, and restroom trailers. Other topics include disposal, winter service procedures, and spill handling procedures. The PSAI has produced a service video shown in the prep course and provided to regulatory agencies on a worldwide basis.

10779437_xlThe Basic Service Technician training course goes beyond the day-to-day job responsibilities of a service technician to include treatment at the wastewater treatment facility, and gives insight into the science of this process. In addition, the manual covers the Americans with Disability Act, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis information as these issues pertain to our industry.

At the conclusion of the Basic Service Technician training course, each qualified participant may elect to pass a written test of technical skills and industry knowledge. If the participant meets minimum qualifications and passes the exam, s/he will be a Certified Portable Sanitation Industry Professional (CPSP).


PSAI_Certification_LogoCertification is voluntary. While all credential seekers are welcome to attend the Basic Service Technician training course for a review of best practices, this course is not a PSAI prerequisite prior to sitting for the exam. In some states, however, both the Basic Service Technician training course AND the exam are required by for licensure. Be sure to check with your state’s licensing body for details. To be eligible for certification an applicant must:

1. Complete the exam application and pay the appropriate fees
2. Have current or past experience as a portable sanitation technician or related role
3. Provide information relating to waste disposal practices
4. Provide two professional references
5. Successfully pass the examination
6. Agree to adhere to the CPSP Code of Ethics

It is important to note that the individual is certified, not the company for which s/he works, regardless of how the course or exam is funded.

About the Program

PSAI Certification is approved for licensing requirements for portable sanitation companies and/or their employees in several states. Certification is valid for three years before renewal. The renewal process requires evidence of 4 hours of relevant continuing education within six years. Once a person has active certification and maintains it, there is never a need to re-test.