About Our Courses

7820215_xxlThe PSAI’s training program is comprised of courses relevant for portable sanitation professionals.


Portable Sanitation and Special Events:

This 90-minute course is relevant to everyone working at a portable sanitation company. Service technicians, sales staff, dispatchers and office assistants will all benefit from this new course.

The course is periodically offered online. Taught through a live presentation delivered via the internet, you will need a computer with a high-speed connection. Individual registrations are $20 for Members and $26 for nonmembers. Group rates are available upon request. Course materials and assistance testing technology are available in advance of each session. Continue to watch the calendar on our website and Association Insight for updates. To register, complete this form and return it with payment to the PSAI office (info@psai.org).

You will learn:

  • How to communicate with customers throughout the bidding process, during the event, and at the post-event meeting.
  • Key considerations in determining the optimal number and types of portable units required.
  • Ideal and acceptable placement configuration options at various special events.
  • Specific behaviors they should employ and those they should avoid when placing, servicing, and picking up special event units.
  • The most likely areas in which problems may develop and understand the steps they can take, both proactively and reactively, to minimize their impact on a successful event.

Portable Sanitation and Work Sites:

This course is designed to assist portable sanitation operators and their teams in growing their skills and confidence in serving work site customers.

You will learn:

  • How to differentiate needs and best practices for different types of work sites
  • What you need to know regarding special types of work sites such as federal installations, schools, and big box stores
  • Key considerations in determining the optimal number and types of portable units required for work sites
  • How to identify both ideal and acceptable placement configuration options at various work sites
  • Specific behaviors you should employ and those they should avoid when placing, servicing and picking up at work sites

Portable Sanitation and Weather/Hazards:

This course focuses on preparing you to deal effectively with the things nature can throw at your business.

You will learn:

  • Key considerations and optimal tactics for placing and servicing units subject to cold temperatures (32F/0C or below)
  • Considerations and best practices in placing and servicing units subject to hot temperatures (85F/29C or above)
  • How to identify acceptable tactics for securing units in windy conditions
  • Planning, risk management, and responses for disasters in your service area

Basic Service Technician Training:

This course is designed to teach the basic competencies required for success in the role of a portable sanitation professional and serves as a prep course for those seeking certification through the PSAI.

You will learn:

  • Relevant standards (OSHA, ANSI, ADA, PSAI Code of Excellence, etc.)
  • Construction of portable restrooms and trailers
  • Standards for transporting, placing and servicing of equipment
  • Equipment quality control and maintenance
  • Waste disposal procedures and wastewater treatment issues
  • Spill handling
  • Infection control
  • Driving related issues – tank vehicle information, inspection/repair, physical condition of drivers, accident reporting

This course is preparation for the PSAI Certification exam. For more information click here.