2018 Board Nominations

Voting for the 2018 Board election began on Thursday, January 18, 2018. The voting period ends on Monday, February 12, 2018 at 9:00 am CST.

There are 6 operator candidates and 4 non-operator candidates running for the open positions. As specified in the PSAI Bylaws, operator Members vote for operator candidates, while non-operator Members vote for non-operator candidates. (Note: The ‘non-operator’ category is the category for suppliers. It replaced the more restrictive category called “Associates” when the PSAI Bylaws were updated in 2014.)

When you access the ballot to vote, your organization will be asked to rank the candidates in order of preference. Adding this ranking element to the voting process should eliminate the possibility of a tie vote and the requirement of a runoff election. The order of the candidates will be randomized – meaning the order in which you see the candidates on your ballot is not the same order as the next voter. This is designed to eliminate bias toward those who are first on the list.



Voting representatives of operator companies should visit: http://psai2018operatorballot.questionpro.com

Voting representatives of non-operator companies should visit: http://psai2018nonoperatorballot.questionpro.com

To enter the ballot, use the Member number and ballot access code from the letter that was mailed to your company. If you have any questions regarding the process, did not receive your letter, or need your number/access code, contact the PSAI office at 952-854-8300 or info@psai.org.

Below are the statements and photos from the candidates in alphabetical order by category. Please take the time to read them before your organization does its ranking.