Frequently Asked Questions about Certification

Do you have questions about PSAI Certification? Here are some helpful answers!

PSAI_Certification_LogoQ. How long does “Individual Certification” last?

A. PSAI Certification is valid for three (3) years after successful completion of the course and initial exam.  After three years, the individual is required to review the manual.  After three more years, six years after initial exam, the individual is required to attend the review course again but is not required to take the exam.

Q. What are the key benefits of “Individual Certification?”

A. Certified individuals are trained in the best practices and standards in the industry. In addition, individuals gain knowledge of the most up-to-date equipment, processes and procedures in order to provide the best customer service possible. In some states, this certification is required of service technicians.

11303934_xxlQ. How many U.S. States accept PSAI Certification as fulfillment for educational requirements in governmental regulations?

A. Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Alabama and Georgia are among the states that recognize PSAI Certification as valid educational experience. If you know that your state now recognizes PSAI Certification, please contact the PSAI Office at

Q. How can I host a Certification event at my company?

A. Events can be conducted by Certified individuals with help from an external exam proctor. Contact the PSAI Office in order to validate instructor certification, get information about engaging a proctor, and to arrange for materials and test to be mailed. Note: the proctor must be an individual not associated with the company (for example, a teacher or community member who works in a different field). For more information on hosting, click here.

If you have additional questions, please contact the PSAI office.