Member Benefits Overview

PSAI Members choose the level of benefits that best fit their organization.

  • Platinum Membership is our elite tier, and the best value with the highest involvement at industry events and support for the image of the industry. Platinum Suppliers secure early access to trade show space along with a 10’ by 10’ booth, tickets for PSAI events the company can use or give to customers, and abundant market exposure throughout the year. Operators receive plenty of tickets to PSAI events and credentialing sessions for their staff members. In addition to the generous bundle of benefits provided, platinum members are providing support to PSAI programs while ensuring their company receives a 20 percent discount on all purchases during their course of their membership.
  • Gold Membership offers a wealth of opportunity for Operators and Suppliers to network, connect, advertise and learn.Suppliers get a 10’ by 10’ booth at the PSAI trade show and several additional advertising opportunities included with their membership fee. Operators receive access to numerous PSAI events and credentialing sessions. Both Suppliers and Operators at the gold level receive a 15 percent discount on all purchases during their course of their membership.
  • Silver Membership is an affordable option for companies wishing to get more involved in the PSAI or who need continuing education for their staff members. This level includes a limited number of tickets to PSAI events and credentialing sessions as well as a 10 percent discount on all purchases during the course of the membership. Suppliers also get monthly advertising exposure.
  • Bronze Membership is our basic plan – supporting the industry and trade association, while enjoying the core benefits of PSAI Membership.

Additional la carte benefits and services are also available, so your company is sure to get what is needed to move your organization forward.Renita Hill Petite Suite Winner Square

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