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toiletday2014World Toilet Day is November 19 and puts the spotlight on the threat of sexual violence that women and girls face due to the loss of privacy as well as the inequalities that are present in usability.

Learn more about World Toilet Day 2015


Web_CleanWaterIcon_SquareLos Angeles considers $1 billion “toilet to tap” water program. The concept behind the project? The same purification that takes place when water moves through the earth, lakes and other natural features can be replicated in a man-made system.

Read the CNBC story and watch the video


13379147_xlWashington D.C. wastewater is generating electricity! Created by a Norwegian company called Cambi, the Washington Post outlines the story and offers readers a detailed info-graphic that shows how it all works.

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10578974_webUnited Nations approved a 15-year blueprint to ensure healthy lives and address critical sanitation issues. The new goals include areas of improvement for sanitation and clean water, along with other key areas of focus.

Read the U.S. News and World Report article


KarleenPhotoPSAI Executive Director Karleen Kos penned a letter to Proctor and Gamble asking them to stop airing a commercial that shows a portable restroom in a negative light.

Read the letter to P&G from the PSAI



Web_man&child_squareWhen things heat up in the summertime, educate your customers to conveniently address basic questions.

Read the article in PRO Magazine by Karleen Kos



9713544_xxlExecutive Director Karleen Kos explains to PRO Magazine reporter Sharon Verbeten why damage waivers are good for your business.

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