Award Winners

PSAI Award winners are nominated by their peers and honored each year at the PSAI Annual Convention and Trade Show.

Congratulations to our industry leaders! PSAI awards include the Andy Gump Award, Service Tech of the Year Award and Volunteer of the Year Award. Read all about our industry’s recent winners:

2017 Andy Gump Award Winner

Todd Hilde
Satellite Industries

Todd has been in the portable sanitation business all his life – his father, Al Hilde, founded Satellite Industries in 1958. In fact, Todd joked while accepting his award that he drives to the exact same office each day that he rode his bike to growing up. Over the past 50 years, Satellite Industries has played a large role in the portable sanitation industry, as well as in the founding and growth of the PSAI. Todd Hilde’s leadership has had a direct effect on these efforts.

In the words of Jeff Wigley, a PSAI Past President and former Andy Gump recipient, “Perhaps one of the most beneficial contributions to the PSAI that Todd has made is the least known. Several years ago, when the PSAI was shaken by the unfortunate events of theft and scandal, Todd stepped forward to provide much-needed support in these dark times. Todd made arrangements in Minneapolis to introduce the Executive Board to a local legal firm and to assist with travel plans as the investigation began. He provided security, technical support, and his team assisted in moving the PSAI Office. He made his entire staff available to assist wherever and whenever needed. Without Todd… I know that this most difficult process would have been even more challenging than it was.”

In addition to his contribution to the PSAI, Todd’s career exemplifies the criteria for the award. For example, the recipient should be known for conducting his or her business and personal relationships with fairness and integrity. Todd’s nomination states, “I have always known Todd to conduct business in a straight forth, honest, and personable manner… He is always available and values one-on-one interaction. Customers appreciate this unique approach.” Satellite Industries has an “A1 Policy,” which was written fifty years ago, explaining the ethical approach each employee must follow when dealing with customers, peers and vendors and is based on honesty and integrity. Todd still supports its use and adheres to these policies.

The recipient must also work to improve the image of the industry while encouraging new and innovative technologies that address portable sanitation needs. Todd is not only supportive of this, but he is known for it. Paula Meyer, founder of Karibu Loo, a portable restroom operator company addressing the sanitation needs in Nairobi, Kenya, is confident that her portable restroom business would not exist without Todd. In Paula’s words, “Todd has been a forceful advocate for the impact that improved sanitation has on the world and the role of the portable sanitation industry in that progress.” In fact, after hearing of Paula’s desire to start a for-profit business in Nairobi that would fund her current non-profit’s charitable mission, it was Todd who “said (quite forcefully), ‘You need to launch a portable toilet business!’” He is an advocate for improving this industry’s image and encourages others – like Paula – to do the same.

Todd also encourages innovation within his own company, as he continually presses the Satellite Industries engineering department to create new products and improve old ones. And when improvements are made, he has ensured that Satellite shares in the education of the entire industry – which speaks volumes as to their commitment to the long-term enhancement of portable sanitation worldwide.

Congratulations, Todd Hilde, on receiving your 2017 Andy Gump Award. We are glad to have Todd as a PSAI Member and contributor to our industry.



2017 Service Tech of the Year Winner: $1,000IMG_7712


Darrell Phillips
United Site Serices

This year’s Service Technician of the Year has been with United Site Services for 11 years. Darrell Phillips spends 80% of his time as a route driver, 15% on special events, and 5% doing pick up and delivery. He leads special events in the Tampa area and also takes time to travel to other United Site Services branches and regions to help with events when assistance is needed.

According to the people who nominated him:

  • “Darrell is a model Service Technician who consistently delivers outstanding service.”
  • “He completes his route 100% each and every day with zero complaints.”
  • “Darrell is very dependable. We have never had any issues with absence or tardiness.”
  • “If emergencies arrive, he will be the first to offer help, day or night.”
  • “Darrell actively participates and pulls in leads for the sales team with our USS Service Tech lead program. He is a regular contributor in Safety meetings. He makes valued suggestions regarding planning and executes these for special events for United Site Services.”

While the above quotes came from some of Darrell’s co-workers, it is even more telling when hearing what his customers and community have to say about him. Here are some highlights:

“Darrell Phillips, the gentleman who does my site’s porta potty maintenance, is a great reflection on your company. Always on time, very polite, works well with everyone and overall does a great job. He always asks if everything is good and informs me about the status of any new drops or pickups. Your company has a really good team member in Darrell. Many thanks go to him.”

“Darrell is a great service tech. I can’t say enough good things about him. Darrell is always prepared to do his job and he always has all of his protection gear [at our large power plant]. He drives the speed limit through the yard every time he comes through. We can’t praise Darrell enough and want him to be recognized.”

With praise from his co-workers and community in abundance, it only seemed fitting that the PSAI recognize and praise him as well. Congratulations, Darrell Phillips, the PSAI Service Technician of the Year for 2017!



Fransciso - PSAI2017 Service Tech of the Year Runner Up: $500

Francisco Inocencio

United Site Services

Our runner up this year has distinguished himself as a top performer and an example for others. Francisco Inocencio, also with United Site Services, has been with the USS team for more than 12 years. He holds a commercial “Class A” driver’s license with a tank endorsement and he does his paperwork properly and on time. He is a top employee who always meets or exceeds quality expectations. He performs maintenance tasks when needed, and he’s had no accidents. He recently became a PSAI Certified Portable Sanitation Professional.

However, it is really what people have to say about him that makes his performance stand out:

  • “Francisco’s customers provide good feedback. He is professional and treats all his customers with respect. We have one customer who calls us all the time and mentions Francisco saying, ‘I love the guy.’”
  • “Francisco’s units are the cleanest around.”
  • “ When he gets to the job site, he is extremely committed to safety. Customers notice the way he inspects the job site before driving through, very cautiously and mindfully of the surrounding activities. He parks his trucks to avoid risky situations and provide great service.”
  • “I have worked with Francisco Inocencio for several years at the race track in Sonoma and in more recent years at Bottle Rock in Napa. He is the most cautious and courteous driver I have ever witnessed at events. He is helpful and pleasant to work with, and I’m glad he is part of the USS team.”

Congratulations to Francisco Inocencio, Runner Up for the 2017 Service Technician of the Year Award!


Historical Award Winners

Andy Gump Award Recipients

2017 Todd Hilde Satellite Industries, Plymouth, Minnesota

2016 Lou Paulsen Can-Doo Budjet Rentals, Abilene, Texas

2015 Mitchell Weiner Mr. John/Russell Reid, New Jersey

2014 Allan Baird Baird Septic Tank Pumping Ltd and Go Johns, Nova Scotia, Canada

2013 Jeff Wigley Pit Stop, Atlanta, Georgia

2012 Gregg DeLong  PolyJohn Enterprises, Azusa, California

2011 Michael McCarthy  Mr John of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

2010 Lee Sola  S & B Porta-Bowl Restrooms, Inc., Aurora, Colorado

2009 Flay Anthony Jr. Porta-Jon; Gastonia, North Carolina

2008 Steve McDonald  Sanitation Journal; Lemoore, California

2007 Ed Cooper  PolyJohn Enterprises Corp.; Whiting, Indiana

2006 Mike Holm  United Site Services, Inc.; Miami, Florida

2005 Ron and Gladys Bird  Ameri-Can Engineering; Argos, Indiana

2004 Ned Carpenter  Porta-Jon of the Piedmont; Gastonia, North Carolina

2003 Mike Pauling  Biffs, Inc.; Shakopee, Minnesota

2002 Dick and Mary Macialek  Center Penn Services; Bellefonte, Pennsylvania

2001 Peter Booth  Loo Hire UK; Sheffield, England

2000 Lothar Vermillion  ADCO International GmbH; Ratingen, Germany

1999 Frank Ranson  The Phil Carter System, Inc.; Newport News, Virginia

1998 John Taylor  Satellite Industries, Inc.; Plymouth, Minnesota

1997 Mark Perry  Northwest Cascade, Inc.; Puyallup, Washington

1996 Ed Crafton  PolyPortables, LLC; Dahlonega, Georgia

1995 Fred Cutler  Sr., Sani-Hut Company, Inc.; Reno, Nevada

1994 George Harding  PolyJohn Enterprises Corp.; Whiting, Indiana

1993 Clyde Sansom  Synergy World; St. Louis, Missouri

PSAI Service Tech of the Year Recipients

Winner: Darrell Phillips
, United Site Services, Tampa, Florida
Runner Up: Francisco Inocencio, United Site Services, Santa Rosa, California

Winner: James L. Coon
, Bill’s Plumbing and Sanikan, Sequim, Washington
Runner Up: Thomas Horne, Mr. John/Russell Reid, Keasby, New Jersey

Winner: Mark Snyder
, Northwest Cascade/Honeybucket, Puyallup, Washintgon
Runner Up: Jeremy Jacobson, A Company, Boise, Idaho

Winner: Delfino Loayes
, On Site Sanitation, St Paul, Minnesota
Runner Up: Marion Earl Rouse, A Company, Inc., Boise, Idaho

No award recipients

Winner: David Garcia, On Site Sanitation, St Paul, Minnesota
Runner Up: Rafael Oregel, Andy Gump, Inc., Santa Clarita, California

Winner: Sajjad Hussain, Bouse House Enterprises, Inc., Forestdale, Massachusetts
Runner Up: Homero Prado, A Company, Inc., Salt Lake City, Utah

Winner: Jim Torkelson, Biffs, Inc., Shakopee, Minnesota
Runner Up: John Sciulli, Mr. John, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Winner: Kelly Rhoades, A Company, Inc., Boise, Idaho
Runner Up: Pierre Letendre, Bouse House Enterprises, Inc., Forestdale, Massachusetts

Winner: Jim Frisch, Biffs, Inc., Shakopee, Minnesota
Runner Up: Dwight Sossaman, A Company, Inc., Boise, Idaho

Winner: Cesar Torres, Biffs, Inc., Shakopee, Minnesota
Runner Up: Nicki Dunn, Air-O-Pure Portables, Nederland, Colorado

Winner: Shawn Atchison, A Company, Boise, Idaho
Runner Up: Edward Yanuzelli, Johnny on the Spot, Old Bridge, New Jersey

Winner: Anna Kerin, Mr. John of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Runner Up: Anthony Carroll, Crosier’s Sanitary Service, Inc., Ansted, West Virginia

Winner: Mike Salazar, Andy Gump, Inc., Santa Clarita, California
Runner Up: Shawn Atchison, A Company, Boise, Idaho

Winner: John Piotrowski, Mr. John of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Runner Up: Pat Donohoue, NW Cascade, Inc., Puyallup, Washington

Winner: Scott Alexis, Northwest Cascade, Inc., Puyallup, Washington
Runner Up: Tony Smith, Arnold’s Environmental Services, Inc., Saukville, Wisconsin

Winner: Timothy Scarbrough, Biffs, Inc., Shakopee, Minnesota
Runner Up: Floyd Johnston, Johnny on the Spot, St. Louis, Missouri

Flay and Glenda Anthony Volunteer of the Year Award Recipients

2017 No award recipients

2016 Steve Brinton Satellite Industries, Plymouth, Minnesota

2015 Flay and Glenda Anthony Porta-Jon of the Piedmont, North Carolina