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The PSAI Code of Excellence was approved by the Board of Directors in May 2015.

COVER CODE OF EXCELLENCE COLORFINAL_PSAI_CodeOfExcellence_Final_4CThe Code of Excellence was designed by experts in the portable sanitation industry to be both aspirational and practical. Whether you are an industry member or not, our Code is intended to paint a picture of what the best companies already do, what good companies are working toward, and stand them in start contrast to the “bad actors” that can cause harm by not following these guidelines. We recommend that PROs share the Code with their employees, and use this document as a tool for strategic planning.

Click here to download a PDF of the full Code of Excellence


12721946_xxlMEMBERS ONLY: We invite you to download and share an informative one-sheet brochure with your customers. Distributing information about how we achieve excellence shows that your company is committed to improving the image of our industry. Click here to log in, and then check out the Members Only Industry Resources page. If you need assistance, call the PSAI office at 952-854-8300.


Excellence at a Glance

15396723_xxlPart 1: Excellence in Our Actions

  • We take seriously our responsibilities to customers, employees, and the world at large.
  • We conduct our businesses and ourselves in a legal and ethical manner; we do the right thing.

11319650_xlPart 2: Excellence in Our Reputation

  • We maintain certified and qualified personnel, all of whom adhere to professional standards for technical operations and personal conduct.
  • We provide clean portable sanitation units and equipment, and we maintain our equipment to the highest standard.
  • We listen to our customers, taking the time to understand their expectations, wants and needs. Then, we identify effective means of addressing them.

14123790_xxlPart 3: Excellence in Our Relationships

  • We serve others with dignity and treat everyone with respect.
  • We promote equal opportunity and diversity in the workplace, as well as an environment free of harassment.
  • We follow good business practices with customers and suppliers.
  • We engage only in fair business practices with respect to our competitors.

14212289_xxlPart 4: Excellence in Our Operations

  • We professionally and courteously transport our equipment.
  • We keep accurate records.
  • We monitor and audit activities as requested.
  • We continuously train and improve our personnel to perform at the highest standard with consistency throughout the organization.

13379147_xlPart 5: Excellence in Our Environment

  • We protect the health and safety of others.
  • We handle spills with the utmost care and urgency.
  • We properly handle and legally dispose of waste.
  • We protect the environment.

Part 6: Excellence Acknowledgement

  • We sign an acknowledgement that demonstrates our commitment to the PSAI Code of Excellence for the Portable Sanitation Industry.
  • We hold ourselves accountable for failures that cause harm to the public or the image of the industry.

Click here to download a PDF of the full Code of Excellence

Message from Executive Director Karleen Kos

KarleenPhotoOne of the things that trade associations like the PSAI do is to define what is best about their industries. So it was natural, then, for the PSAI — as the largest trade association in the world serving the portable sanitation industry — to develop a Code of Excellence. This work began in early 2014, and by April of 2015 the organization had completed an exhaustive process aimed at defining and explaining excellence in portable sanitation. The Association’s Board of Directors approved the resulting text at its May 2015 meeting.

The document begins with an “At a Glance” section. This is a high-level depiction of the elements of quality in our industry. The statements here are broad, idealistic, and motivational.

This section is followed by more detailed information for each broad subject area. These statements provide specific, practical actions portable sanitation companies take (or should take) to achieve excellence in that domain. We don’t just say that Excellence in Our Environment means, “We protect the health and safety of others.” We back it up with statements like “We ensure our employees are trained on disease and infection control,” and “We take all reasonable steps to conserve natural resources,” among others.

We aim for this Code of Excellence to be a useful tool for recognizing and attaining excellence in the portable sanitation business. Of course the PSAI can’t require that nonmember companies adhere to the Code. We anticipate, though, that the PSAI’s policy of requiring its members’ commitment to operating in alignment with the Code’s guidelines will significantly improve both customers’ experiences and the image of our industry.

The portable sanitation industry plays in important role in the global economy, provides essential services, and saves more than 125,000,000 gallons of fresh water each day. We believe it is worthy of respect, though we know this respect must be earned. Whether you are a portable sanitation operator, industry supplier, or a member of the general public, we hope this Code of Excellence helps you better understand what a quality portable restroom experience should be and what we are striving to achieve.

–Karleen Kos Executive Director