Walex Products Company, Inc.

Walex Products Company, Inc.
Business Name: Walex Products Company, Inc.
Address: PO Box 3785
Wilmington, NC 28406
Phone: 910-371-2242

Walex Products Company has been an industry leader in sanitation and odor control manufacturing since 1987. Walex dedicates significant resources to continual research and development to offer the most cutting-edge products and identify cost-effective solutions for our customers. In our state-of-the-art R&D laboratory, products undergo strict quality control testing to meet rigid specifications for consistency of color, performance, and effectiveness.

We were the first to bring non-staining color, portion control sachets and enzyme based deodorizers to the market, and we continue this tradition of innovation with products, such as WAVE 2 TechnologyTM (Walex Advanced Volumetric Effectiveness), which represent years of intensive development by the Walex R&D Group and highly effective enzyme and biological formulas.

Our mission is to provide exceptional customer service and the highest quality products, thereby creating positive experiences for our customers daily. We deliver products to our customers on time, intact, and ready to work. Because Walex offers production, warehousing, and shipping, our supply chain is uniquely dependable and second to none. Call us at 800-338-3155 and we’ll meet your business’s sanitation and odor control needs.