WPSD Stories and Successes

Through a variety of events and activities, operators worldwide come together to educate and inform their customers and the general public about the vital services they provide every day.

WPSD in the Media

The PSAI and its member companies make the most of media opportunities to spread the word about World Portable Sanitation Day. Shown below are examples of print ads, YouTube videos, and images created just for web/social media use that have been part of WPSD outreach in the past.

Community Awareness Outreach

On World Portable Sanitation Day, member companies often schedule community outreach activities. Designed both to educate and create fun, events usually involve talking with people in public plazas and markets, along with providing handouts and WPSD branded materials. Some enterprising companies have also provided free water or ice cream and sponsored contests for the kids.

Portable Sanitation Spreads The Word

To raise awareness, some companies prefer to “walk softly and carry a big sign.” Or a small sign. It is possible to wrap portable restroom trailers and individual units with eye-catching mural-sized WPSD messages. A more subtle approach is to place smaller decals with water saving messages inside the units where users are sure to see them.

Awareness Inside The Industry

Portable sanitation companies also use WPSD to appreciate and educate their teams and customers who visit their location. Nothing says, “It’s a big day” like a WPSD tee shirt and some fun around the office!