WPSD Tool kit

The PSAI and it’s Education Initiative (EI) have prepared information and templates for your company to promote WPSD and plan events in your community.

The PSAI invites and encourages all companies in the portable sanitation industry to promote awareness of our industry. The following tools are free for your use. While it is a good idea to build information about the positive impact portable facilities have on people, events, and the environment, it is especially important to do that in the run up to World Portable Sanitation Day (WPSD). It is celebrated on November 19th each year in conjunction with World Toilet Day.

Click here to download a MS Word template with a sample press release that YOUR company can use to promote details about your event.

Click here to download the WPSD logo. You can include it on invoices, add it to your website, or make t-shirts for your events. The possibilities are endless!

Click here  for a list of WPSD ideas for your organization to increase positive awareness of our industry and your company.

Click here for tips for attracting media attention for your WPSD event.

Click here for a Portable Restroom Water Savings Fact Sheet – learn how the 3.4 million portable restrooms around the world save water!

Click here for information about how portable sanitation creates savings on construction sites – both worker productivity and fuel use.

Go to our online store to get PSAI’s portable sanitation water saving decals for your units, trucks and other large equipment.

Watch a previously created PSAI WPSD video! We encourage you to show this to your customers, and share the YouTube link on your website and social media. If you do so, make a note that the date of World Portable Sanitation Day has moved from August 15 to November 19!